Friday, August 2, 2013

July 26 - Cardiff and Doctor Who!


After a long train ride I finally arrived!  The Doctor Who Experience!  SPOILERS!!! If you do to want to know specifics I recommend that you stop reading now.


Upon entering the building, we got straight in line to enter the experience.  We are herded into a theater room.  The Doctor (#11) greets us from inside the Pandorica.  As he discusses the crack in time, the crack appears.  We walk through the crack into the museum storeroom of Starship UK where we are guided by Node 8251/Amber.  From here we enter the TARDIS.  We have to help the Doctor and drive the TARDIS.  We land in the middle of a Dalek encounter.  We escape the daleks only to end up in the forest of weeping angels.   We move quickly on without blinking.  Because everyone know that if you blink you die.  We come to the Pandorica chamber where we save the Doctor from the Pandorica but the crack in time is bringing all the baddies back.  He uses the TARDIS to get us out of trouble.  Once we are all safe, we enter the exhibition part of the experience.  

This is the 11th Doctor's TARDIS console.  A wax figure of Matt Smith and his TARDIS.

This is the TARDIS console used by the 4th - 7th Doctors. Look, the 4th Doctor left one of his long scarfs behind.

 The enemies... Cybermen and Daleks.

This is the beautiful cradle that was the Doctor's cot.  It is covered in Galifreyan writing.

 K9 is a friend of the 4th Doctor.  He is given to Sarah Jane for safe keeping.

The timeline...

So many incarnations... Who will be next?

It was an amazing day.  We even found a few filming locations around Cardiff.  We saw the time rift and entrance to Torchwood.  We even found Eddie's Diner where Amy, Rory, River, and the Doctor have a milkshake while contemplating how the Doctor is still alive.  We sat in the exact booth the actors sat in.  It of course was booth 11.  It was a most awesome day of Doctor Who fun.  And a bonus for my research project.

Today has been brought to you by the number 11.

That is all for now...

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